Scammers call impersonating the IRS as tax season comes to a close

Scammers call impersonating the IRS as tax season comes to a close

Tax season is getting ready to wrap up, but tax scams are still in full swing, with some being reported in central Illinois.

One Springfield resident, Vince Toolen, said he got not one but two robotic calls, which said there was a warrant for his arrest due to troubles with his taxes. One claimed to be from the IRS and the other one claimed to be from the U.S. Marshalls.

While Toolen didn't fall for the scam, he said getting these as tax season is finishing up is something he wants to see stop.

“I've received scam calls before and did nothing with them, just let them go,” Toolen said. “But this last time, since I received two within two days, I decided I'd send them off to the federal agency that deals with this.”

Toolen said the call asked for a quick response from him and to call their supposed toll-free number to give them the information they needed.

Especially since giving out that information could cost people money as well as the safety of their personal information.

“Don't give any personal information out when these people call you,” IRS Media Specialist Doug Blade said. “Typically, I just hang up or you can take the number down and report it.”

Blade said if you do receive a call, claiming to be the IRS, it will have nothing to do with the agency as they don’t even make phone calls according to him.

“If there’s an issue with your tax return, [we] invite you to respond to that letter and call us,” Blade said.

But for those residents who get them constantly, they want to see something done about getting these calls to help others avoid being tricked.

“I want it to stop and I know they’re trying to develop technology to bring that about,” Toolen said.

These scam calls are a part of the IRS’s 'dirty dozen' list and the agency warns people to not let them fool you.

They say the calls are unsolicited and can even try to bully you into giving over your information to get your money.

Here is what to do, if you are a victim of their calls:

1. Write down the number.

2. Don't give any personal information about you or your taxes.

3. Report it either to the IRS or to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

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