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Satanic holiday display installed at Illinois Capitol

Satanic holiday display installed at Illinois Capitol (Jackson Gillette/WICS){p}{/p}
Satanic holiday display installed at Illinois Capitol (Jackson Gillette/WICS)

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Christmas decorations are back in the Capitol Rotunda for the holiday season.

The Satanic Temple's Illinois showcased a satanic display at the Capitol Rotunda on Monday.

This year's display has a crocheted snake wrapped around apples and a book.

In years past the Satanic Temple's Illinois has displayed a hand holding an apple with a serpent wrapped around the wrist, and the deity Baphomet as a baby.

The goal of the display was to bring attention to the controversy of banned books this year.

The organization also spoke about being proud of its religion.

"More importantly being comfortable with being who we are as ourselves no matter who we are we all come from diverse backgrounds and many of us are ostracized just for being ourselves being a satanist is declaring yeah we are and we are happy about who we are," said Minister Adam, co-congregation head of the Satanic Temple of Illinois.

This is the third year they have put up a display.

The display can be found in the capitol rotunda building next to other Christmas displays.

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