Sangamon County officials expect bad mosquito season


Officials said they’re already seeing more mosquitoes than usual in Sangamon County this summer.

That could be an indicator that it might be a bad year for mosquito-related illnesses.

The county has already started testing for West Nile.

The Sangamon County Public Health Department has a few different ways to do that.

One includes testing dead birds.

“We've only submitted one bird to date and it came back negative already,” said Steven Hall, assistant administrator of environmental health at Sangamon County Public Health. “Later in the summer is when we expect to see that ramping up and the possibility of people becoming ill.”

Hall said if you see a dead bird that’s not yet decayed, give them a call so it can be tested.

Sangamon County Public Health also tests actual mosquitoes.

They capture insects in nets and take them back to the lab for testing.

They started this test three weeks ago and haven't had any positive results.

To keep yourself from getting bit, wear long protective clothing when outside.

Hall also suggested using insect repellent with DEET in it.

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