Rural clinics worry about the impact the tax bill will have on them

Rural clinics worry about the impact the tax bill will have on them.

As several organizations are learning how the tax bill will affect them, it is now including clinics, specifically rural city clinics.

One rural Illinois clinic is not so positive about the future.

In fact, The CEO of Maple Street Clinic said this is the first time since he opened that he is worried about potentially cutting services in half, or even having to close altogether.

"I am extremely nervous about my ability to meet that challenge. With the potential funding changes that could occur, in particular, rural health centers that don't have a whole lot of health care system behind us to do this," CEO of Maple Street Clinic Kent Tarro said.

Maple Street Clinic said they will know in February or March if they will have to cut staff or programs, as well as to what extent.

They currently serve a wide range of people families, veterans, and homeless individuals.

They also perform a wide range of services, which includes anything from normal checkups to helping to treat the opioid epidemic.

The clinic currently serves people from 15 different counties but if the funding is unable to come in that number will be cut to two.

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