Rochester Police warn about romance scam happening locally

Rochester Police warn about romance scam happening locally. (WICS)

Information and money was stolen from individuals who thought they were in love, but it was all a lie and the FBI is trying to track down the criminals.

It's a scam the Rochester Police said recently came to light.

Scammers are trying to get intimately close to people, only to steal their information as well as their money.

But they are having a tough time being able to track them down because they believe those who are behind the scam are from different countries, which makes it difficult for local law enforcement to track.

Often times, this all begins with scammers looking up people on social media.

“If they get a hit on somebody, then they start doing more research into that person. Then they become friends with you, whether it's intimate or not. They may ask for images, they may ask for your bank account information. Obviously, never give that out," Rochester Police Investigator Justin Harris said.

Rochester Police also said if someone does ask you for private information or photos to look at their profile and try to see if they will be willing to meet up in person.

If they are not, there is a strong chance they are scamming both you and your feelings.

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