Riverton student faces felony charge for social media threat

Riverton High School student in custody for social media threat. (WICS File Photo)

At 3:30 Tuesday afternoon a Riverton High School parent alerted police about a picture they saw on Snapchat that was from a 16-year-old Riverton High School student that showed an assault rifle and a caption threatening people in the school.

Riverton police went to the student’s house and took the student into custody. Riverton Police Chief Jim Lawley says the student’s parents do not have access to any guns or weapons and neither does the student. The 16-year-old was charged with felony disorderly conduct and released back into the custody of their parents.

The student will not be in school Wednesday. The school will handle disciplinary action. The state’s attorney’s office will handle the disorderly conduct charge.

Although the threat is not considered credible, Riverton police will have extra officers at the school Wednesday just as a precaution.

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