Report: Majority of Taylorville Country Financial customers can start rebuilding soon

    Taylorville tornado damage (Dustin Yantis)

    Country Financial received a total of 815 auto and property insurance claims as a result of the tornadoes on Dec. 1.

    Of those claims, 251 were reported in the Taylorville area.

    According to Country Financial, the most common type of claims were for tornado, wind, hail and water damage.

    A breakdown of the claims can be found below:


    Auto insurance claims: 69; Property insurance claims: 182; Total: 251 claims


    Auto insurance claims: 262; Property insurance claims: 553; Total: 815 claims

    Country Financial sent 30 claims adjusters to Taylorville area soon after the storm to help customers start the claims and overall rebuilding processes.

    A temporary claims office was also set up by Country Financial at the Christian County Farm Bureau to assist in the claims process.

    According to Country Financial, 84 percent of claims have already been closed.

    In other words, the majority of Country Financial customers who were impacted by the tornado from less than two weeks ago have already completed the process and have received a check to start rebuilding what was lost.

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