Report finds camera recording 24/7 in SPD interview room

Report finds camera recording 24/7 in SPD interview room

One of the main topics during Tuesday’s City Council meeting was a new report by Springfield's Inspector General.

The report detailed the discovery of a camera in an interview room at the Springfield Police Department which had been recording 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The issue led to potential violations of Illinois' two-party consent laws, and rules of attorney-client confidentiality.

Inspector General Roger Holmes said the issue was discovered in October.

Police Chief Kenny Winslow disabled the system as soon as he learned of the problem and posted signs in all the interview rooms.

The recordings have now been locked in a vault so they cannot be accessed.

The Inspector General said the problem lies with technical issues with the recording system installed in February by the Axon Company.

Holmes assured Aldermen that no cases have been compromised by the issue because no one has seen the recordings and they are now locked away.

Mayor Jim Langfelder said he wanted to start the meeting with the Inspector General's report to maintain transparency.

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