City says new street will have major impact on Springfield

City says new street will have major impact on Springfield. (WICS)

Springfield is working on a more than $7 million project that will connect the city's north and south sides.

The new 11th Street, from Stevenson Drive to Lincolnshire Boulevard, is emerging from farm fields.

Once complete, the city says the 11th Street connector will have wide-ranging impacts.

The half mile stretch of 11th Street will connect Toronto Road all the way to Ridgely Road.

A brand new street can improve property values, potentially attracting investors to the city.

Residents in the area of construction say the new link will save them a lot of day-to-day driving.

The new street will be five lanes wide with sidewalks and a multi-use section for bicycles.

Among other benefits, the new 11th Street will relieve traffic congestion at several intersections and hopefully reduce traffic along 6th Street.

It's scheduled to be open by summer of 2018.

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