Pollen levels rising after warm temperatures and rain

Pollen levels rising after warm temperatures and rain

Some might start feeling their allergies kicking in.

The warmer temperatures and rain means that it is starting to feel like Spring.

With this comes an increase amount of pollen in the air.

Doctors say that tens of millions of Americans suffer from pollen allergies.

Having an allergic reaction can bring up many symptoms.

One Springfield resident says she gets them all.

"Well you know get a nice head cold and you know the changing of the weather from hot to cold, and all the sinuses and all that. It takes a toll on you,” Hayley Dunlevy said.

The worst of symptoms come during this time as the weather is warming up and the rain is exactly what the flowers need to grow.

So with this late start to spring, we will now start getting more pollen in the air.

The pollen levels aren’t expected to be too high for Sunday the 15th and that’s because of the chance of lower temperatures.

But starting Monday the 16th, there will be increased levels of pollen so make sure your prepared.

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