Politics take center stage at Illinois State Fair

Politics take center stage at Illinois State Fair (WICS)

At the Illinois State Fair, it's all about the rides, deep fried food, and a showcase of the finest animals and agriculture products Illinois has to offer. Also on display at the Illinois State Fair is politics.

For decades, Republicans and Democrats receive a special day designated to spread their political message making it an important day for some politically active fairgoers.

"The county fairs, the state fair has always been a place for politicians to come out and meet the public and kind of have an opportunity to see the real people of the state," said Terry Ferguson, an annual fair goer.

Others, on the other hand, come to experience the rich traditions the Illinois State Fair has to offer. Many of which are annual traditions for families from across the state.

"We're going to check out the pogo stick competition thing that they have this year," said Jodi Dirks, an annual fair goer. "The kids like doing Conservation World and they like riding rides."

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