Police: Man arrested for animal cruelty

    Dalton C. Skinner (Credit: Macon County State's Attorney)

    Decatur Police Department made a warrantless arrest of Dalton C. Skinner for alleged animal cruelty.

    According to an officer's sworn statement, police investigated an animal cruelty complaint in the 1600 block of North College Street.

    A female subject told police Skinner was killing a brindle-colored pit bull inside of a residence.

    When police arrived at the residence, Skinner answered the door with hands shaking, covered in dried blood.

    Police asked to see the pit bull and Skinner walked the officer through the residence, before finding the dog laying in a bathtub full of urine and droplets of blood.

    Police said a small rope was wrapped tightly around the pit bull's neck with a blood-soaked, folded paper towel.

    The pit bull's nose and the top of its head were bleeding, according to police.

    Skinner was asked to loosen the rope around the canine's neck. He later told police the dog was bleeding after he smacked it in the head.

    Skinner also told police he had screws and metals in his left hand that may have caused the bleeding to the dog's nose.

    Police said Skinner claimed he smacked his mother's dog and then the pit bull.

    Skinner told police he noticed the pit bull was bleeding and is trained in first aid, so he attempted to stop the blood by putting something on the wound and tying the rope around the dog's neck.

    The officer removed the rope from the pit bull's neck but the dog continued bleeding.

    The pit bull was later removed from the residence by police.

    Skinner is facing charges of aggravated cruelty to animals.

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