Plane makes emergency landing at Willard Airport

Plane makes emergency landing at Willard Airport (File Photo)

An American Airlines flight departing for Chicago was forced to make an emergency landing at Willard Airport Monday morning.

The executive director at Willard Airport, Gene Cossey, tells us the pilot turned the plane around after he smelled smoke in the cockpit. The plane landed smoothly at Willard a little after 8 a.m.

Passengers are being taken off the plane now and crews are inspecting the plane.

No injuries have been reported.

Cossey believes it is spilled oil on an auxiliary power unit that burned and produced the smell during takeoff.

The oil was probably spilled during the plane’s last maintenance check. If crews don’t find any problems they will be able to use the same plane to Chicago. There is no timeline on when the plane will take off. There were 35 people on board including passengers and crew.

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