Pay It Forward: The Huss Family

Pay It Forward: The Huss Family. (WICS)

Holding only what she could carry, Laquesha Russell set off to move with her three little ones to Springfield.

"When I moved down here it was with eight bags, three kids, and a bike,” Laquesha Russell said.

Struggling to make ends meet, her children struggled to find direction. But fate helped change all of that when the eldest was in grade school.

"Back in 2009, I attended a volunteer fair. They said they needed coaches at the Y,” Christi Huss said.

Through soccer, Laquesha and Christi's worlds collided.

"There's a lot of brokenness in our community and in our world. There's just so much hate and so much judgment and we just started opening up our home," said Christi

It started with Christi and her husband, Chad, taking Laquesha's children for ice cream after practice.

But the relationship quickly blossomed into so much more.

Christi said, "Sometimes you're born into a family and sometimes you hand pick your family and that's what we did hear."

"People ask us how we do it and really it's not about us," Chad said.

Since becoming a part of the Huss family, the children have started excelling in school.

"I'm just proud that we just got this opportunity,” Laquesha said.

That’s why NewsChannel 20 and Hy-Vee have chosen the Huss' as this month's Pay It Forward Winner.

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