Pay It Forward: Randy Pherigo

Randy Pherigo is our May Pay It Forward winner. (WICS)

Driving around Beardstown there are signs of neglect in some of the fields with piles of trash littered in some areas.

"My son and I were driving and the first words out of his mouth was, ‘people are pigs,’” Randy Pherigo said.

It's something no father wants their son to say and that's why Randy Pherigo decided to do something about it.

Within just 10 days he was able to rally 160 people to come out and clean up the fly dumping.

Pherigo said, "It kind of gets to you so we wanted to do something about it."

"Now the whole town is getting behind this clean-up craze and when they see somebody with a truckload of junk they take a picture, follow them, and see what's going on,” Buffy Tillitt-Pratt, who nominated him, said.

But their work doesn't stop here.

"We've got several cameras up and we've actually… made two or three arrests on people who are doing fly dumping,” Pherigo said.

That's why Randy is this month's Pay It Forward Winner.

"I'm really proud of him," Randy’s son Luke said.

On behalf of Hy-Vee and Newschannel 20, he receives a $500 gift card for being chosen this month.

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