Grandmother faces granddaughter's killer in court

    Grandmother faces granddaughter's killer in court (WICS)

    A grandmother faced her granddaughter's killer - a Pawnee man that was convicted of murdering his girlfriend - Wednesday.

    "This is what I want you to see every time you wake up, is a darling little boy named Asher sitting on the kitchen floor covered in his mother's blood," the grandmother said. "God may and this court may have mercy on your soul, but I do not."

    Wesley Carey was sentenced to 45 years for first-degree murder, related to the beating and stabbing death of Nicole Maxey on Jan. 18, 2016 in Pawnee.

    Following the sentence, Sangamon County State's Attorney Dan Wright stated, " While nothing can bring Nicole back, the family received some measure of justice and closure today. The Defendant will spend decades behind bars as a result of the brutal murder of an innocent woman in the presence of her infant son."

    Carey testified at trial and claimed that Maxey came at him with a steak knife and that he wrestled the knife away from her, as the two fell to the ground.

    A forensic pathologist also testified and said Maxey died from multiple blunt force injuries to her head and sharp force injuries to her left arm.

    A detective from the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office found during an interrogation the day after the murder that Carey claimed that "the devil controls" him and that his alter ego, "Hank" was responsible for Maxey's murder.

    A neighbor of Maxey testified and said he entered her apartment after he heard screaming and found Carey and Maxey lying on the floor near a knife.

    He said Carey repeatedly said, "Let me finish it."

    Nicole Maxey's grandmother also had the chance to confront Carey during the trial, saying he was responsible for the everlasting trauma he caused their entire family.

    "I believe you deserve the same sentence you gave our dear Nikki and with the same way you took her life...with a chair and a knife," Maxey's grandmother said. "Losing Nikki, we, her family, will live with the pain and the heartache that will never, ever, ever be done thanks to you."

    Wesley Carey was given the chance to tell his side of the story.

    Carey told Nicole's family he was an alcoholic and blamed her death on him not being able to control his violent outbursts.

    Carey said he'll never be the same after murdering his girlfriend.

    "I wake up every day and I see every one of your faces. I see Asher's face and I see Nikki's face and I pray every day that you'll find some peace," Carey said.

    Although Carey is seeking help for his addiction, the judge told him he's victim-blamed Nicole for the whole case.

    Carey was sentenced to 45 years in prison for Nicole's death.

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