Parents react after another public school employee is arrested

Parents react after another public school employee is arrested

Wednesday night NewsChannel 20 learned 24-year-old Kasi Korza was arrested for sexual assault.

Korza is accused of inappropriate conduct with a male juvenile.

She previously worked as a teacher for District 186.

But this isn't the first time a local school official has been arrested for inappropriate relationships this school year.

It leads to the question; how do you move forward as a family if your child is the victim of grooming?

“It can happen anywhere. That's not just a big city problem, a little city problem it's, any area it can happen," Ruth Ream, a parent, said.

Five school employees, from both Decatur and Springfield Public Schools have been arrested for inappropriate conduct in 2018 alone.

Dylan Nunn, a former Decatur School District security guard and girls basketball coach, was arrested in March on charges of indecent solicitation of a child and grooming.

Matthew Krause, a former Decatur School District teaching assistant, was arrested for sending nude pictures of himself to a teenage girl.

Mathew Pittman, a former special education attendant and assistant coach for District 186, was arrested for touching a 16-year-old in an inappropriate and sexual manner.

Terez Collins, a former District 186 employee, was arrested for having contact of a sexual nature with a juvenile under the age of 18.

Korza was the latest arrest this year.

“You know, there's so much going on in schools anyways and just to add that to it, makes it just a mess right now," Ream said.

Ream said she also cannot imagine going through a situation where any of her children are victims of grooming.

"It is scary that we're sending our children to these people that are educated and supposed to be taking care of them through the day and then this happens and it's like ok what are we sending our children into every day," Ream asked.

Counselors said there are warning signs to look out for if your child is a victim of grooming.

“Things like not wanting to go to school, claiming to be sick. There may be some symptoms of depression, there may be things that a parent would notice, like eating issues, eating disorders," Licensed Counselor for Professional Counseling Services Mary Beth Ray said.

Ray also said it is important to help the child understand that nothing is their fault in the situation and if they are feeling guilty, to spend more time with them to work through the situation.

Something other therapists agree will help them through the situation so they can begin to heal.

"Spending more time with the child, maybe take them to a place where they are walking or active sometimes being out somewhere where they're walking together, it makes people more open to speaking," Lead Therapist Dr. Neil Headman said.

Counselors also tell me counseling can help the entire family through one of these difficult situations and that it is not something they should be ashamed of as the incident can also take a toll on the parents or guardians.

District 186 released the following statement in regards to Korza’s arrest:

We recently learned of the arrest of a licensed teacher filling an end-of-year long-term vacancy in our District. As soon as law enforcement made us aware of the investigation, we took swift action and the individual was asked not to return to work, and is not being paid.

We take any and all allegations of misconduct seriously and we will continue to cooperate with law enforcement. This is an active investigation and we cannot discuss this issue further or share information about individuals involved.

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