Parents concerned after employee allegedly burns kids at Chicago daycare

DCFS keeps an up-to-date list of state-licensed daycare providers online. (WICS)

After an alleged incident in Chicago, parents across the state now fearing for their children's safety.

A Chicago woman now facing charges after being accused of burning five toddlers with a glue gun at a daycare.

The ordeal leaving parents with questions about choosing how to choose the right people to care for their children.

Stephanie Neuman, owner and director of Kountry Kids and Capital City Learning Center, said she meets with applicants multiple times before making any employment decisions.

“When you employ a person in this field, it's not only about what's on paper,” Neuman said. “In a program like ours they do have to have experience in education, but you have to go with your gut. There has to be that feeling of trust in all the people that work with you.”

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) requires background checks for daycare employees.

Employees must also agree to report suspected child abuse and neglect to the state.

Neuman said this can be suspected neglect and abuse at home or at school.

"It's our job to protect them,” Neuman said. “This is kind of a safe place. It is a safe place for them to be and play.”

One mother said when it comes to selecting a daycare provider use state databases to do some research, ask police departments before you commit, schedule a tour of the facility, make sure there are cameras and, most importantly, use your gut and intuition to guide you.

Others said they don't like the thought of sending their child to childcare centers.

DCFS keeps an up-to-date list of state-licensed daycare providers online. Find that here.

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