Parents call on lawmakers to pass school funding formula

Parents call on lawmakers to pass school funding formula. (WICS)

School districts throughout Illinois are gearing up for the start of school, but they still have yet to receive state funding.

On Sunday, the Illinois Senate will meet in hopes of voting on a new school funding formula.

Democrats said they’ll try to override the governor’s amendatory veto, which would take money from Chicago Public Schools and disperse it throughout the state.

The senate needs 36 votes for an override.

If that happens, the bill will go to the House.

The lack of a funding formula caused the state to miss its first funding deadline for all Illinois public schools, which was August 10.

It was the first time in history all 852 school districts in Illinois did not receive their first payment.

Parents said they fear the lack of funding will hurt their child’s education.

“I think it’s just a real shame that we can’t just find a way to compromise and figure out a way to get everyone on the same page,” said Jessica Hoppe, a Springfield mom.

Hoppe said a good education is vital, but is worried for the future of Illinois public schools. This is due to many superintendents counting down the number of days they can stay open without state funding.

“I think it’s terrible, I mean, It’s hard for the kids,” said Hoppe.

Hoppe isn’t the only parents frustrated with state lawmakers.

Chris Thomas is a mother of eight, she said if schools close, she’ll relocate her family.

“Probably move to another state, somewhere where they have they’re funding right and the kids won’t lose out,” said Thomas.

School districts in Illinois are supposed to receive their second state payment on August 20.

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