Paper clip, home address nearly cost 3 candidates spots on Sherman ballot

Paper clip, home address nearly cost 3 candidates spots on Sherman ballot. (WICS)

A paper clip and a home address nearly cost three candidates a position on the Village of Sherman's ballot.

The candidates are running for Village President and Village Trustee.

This boiled down to a couple of different topics, which included whether or not a paperclip was okay to use to bind their petitions.

The issue all started last Tuesday after the village meeting when Joshua Luke Carter, Victoria Jenkins and Tracy Shaw were informed by a village administrator that there were objections to their petitions.

Some believed if the three candidates couldn't run, they would not be allowing voters to have a choice.

The candidates said the announcement also caught them a bit off-guard.

"It started on December 5th, when we were notified that there was objections to the petitions for our candidacy... Different allegations on each one, objections that we had to take in front of the municipal electoral board," said Tracy Shaw, who is running for Sherman Village President.

Monday night, the board did go over each of the three's complaints, which the candidates said were made by people within this village.

"The information that we've gotten, the complaints or objections were from two individuals here in Sherman that were Sherman residents," said Joshua Luke Carter, who is running for a Sherman Village Trustee position.

It is determined that all three will be allowed to be on the ballot in April, 2019.

As the Sherman Village Board concluded there was nothing wrong with the candidate's petitions to run for their respective positions.

The issue with the paper clip was it is typically not allowed to be used to bind petitions together.

The issue with the home address for Shaw is that it is different than her voting address. However, she said that was due to having just moved with her family from a rental property.

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