Opioid overdose takes new father away from family

The nations opioid crisis continues to strike in the heartland, including in central Illinois.

Benjamin Quest died from an accident overdose from synthetic opioids, his story is far too common. However, on his death bed Benjamin’s family wanted to make sure his newborn daughter saw her father for the first time.

"It was hard to see him there laying like he was," said Debbie Quest, Benjamin's mother.

25-year-old Benjamin's struggled with drug addiction and mental illness for many years and it came to a tragic end Sunday.

"From then on he was on life support with brain damage and he was pretty much on a respirator making him breath," said William Quest, Benjamin's twin brother. "And we were told that there was nothing we could do."

It was then that the family made the decision to remove Benjamin from life support.

"I loved him, he was my son," Debbie, said.

And as Benjamin was on his death bed, his baby girl was entering the world just a few doors down in the very same hospital where he lay dying.

His family wanted Benjamin to hold his daughter before he passed and it was the first and last time little Amellya would feel the touch of her daddy.

"As soon as we set her next to him, she was content, she knew, I feel like she sensed it, she knew," Stacy Kinnie, Benjamin's Girlfriend said.

Benjamin’s family shared their story with the hopes that people realize the opioid epidemic touches real people and real lives.

"It is like it's a vicious cycle, and it hurts everyone in the family," Debbie said.

Stacy finds comfort in the belief that Benjamin will always watching over them.

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