Officials search Adam Lopez's personal office after obtaining search warrant

Officials search Adam Lopez's personal office after obtaining a search warrant.

We're now learning Springfield Police searched Adam Lopez's office, but Lopez said he's not sure why.

Lopez said authorities searched his private office this week and he gave us a copy of the search warrant. He said he found the document on his assistant's desk.

The warrant said police searched the office that belongs to him and talked about what exactly they were looking for.

Some of the things listed include cell phones, computers, any and all banking or bank documents.

We did reach out to Lopez, who is currently facing a civil suit for allegedly financially exploiting an elderly person and he declined to further comment on the record.

We also reached out to the Springfield Police Department and the FBI to confirm if Lopez's office was searched.

We were told they cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.

We also reached out to Lopez's lawyer, Daniel Noll, for a comment, but he was not available.

Since the investigation, Lopez has been fired from country financial.

Again, he's also facing a civil suit, claiming he allegedly financially exploited an elderly person.

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