NWS employees prepare public for snowstorm without pay due to government shutdown

    National Weather Service in Lincoln. (WICS)

    National Weather Service employees were among those to miss their first government paycheck Friday as the partial government shutdown continues on.

    In the midst of this shutdown, a huge snowstorm is expected to hit Central Illinois.

    That means there’s a lot of work to be done at the National Weather Service station in Lincoln and the employees are doing all of it without being paid.

    “This is a big event to happen in a shutdown status,” NWS meteorologist Ed Shimon said. “It’s unfortunate because we would like to not have a shutdown at all. We’re doing the best we can and now we’re definitely going to keep things rolling as normal in terms of our service to protect lives and property.”

    The National Weather Service is only providing critical forecasts during the shutdown.

    Some of their non-essential services are suspended for the time being.

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