Nursing home closes with little to no warning

We're told that every resident who had to leave Oak Terrace has a place to stay. (WICS)

Oak Terrace HealthCare Center residents are displaced after they say it closed with little to no warning.

Several of those residents are in need of medical care.

Some residents say they found out Wednesday that they would have to leave the nursing home.

Others say they didn't find out until Thursday they would have to leave the same day.

Several nursing home workers said they were equally blindsided.

"Horrified, absolutely, because these people have nowhere, this is so instantaneous. Most of us don't have jobs lined up," said Kristyn Harland, who lost her job at Oak Terrace Thursday.

Harland says being given official notice of its closure at the last minute is devastating.

"People are scrambling to find places for their families," Harland said. "A lot of them who are sick or ill, they're here for a reason. We're a nursing home."

Joni Bugett didn't find out until Thursday morning that her husband, who's confined to a wheelchair, had to be out by Thursday night.

"It's scary but it's also very sad because everyone's family here," said Joni Bugett. "We've gotten to know the other residents and staff. It's just really sad."

Larry Bugett, who requires medical care, will move into an assisted living facility Friday.

"I would hope that this would never happen to anyone else again because it's not a fair situation," said Joni Bugett. "For the elderly population that's here, they're very fragile and it's very difficult for them to transition into another place."

Illinois requires skilled nursing facilities to give at least 60 days notice to their residents if they close down.

We reached out to nursing home management and have not gotten a response.

Staff say when rumors started circulating a couple weeks ago, several residents moved out.

"There are residents here who don't have family members in the state, and they didn't know about it, and what about them?" Harland said.

We're told that every resident who had to leave Oak Terrace has a place to stay.

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