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New proposed bill introduces gun training for some Illinois politicans

Gun. (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza)
Gun. (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza)
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Two Illinois state senators recently reintroduced a state bill that would require some Illinois politicians to undergo gun safety training.

State Senator Neil Anderson, (R) IL 47th, reintroduced Senate Bill 2106, and State Senator Andrew Chesney, (R) IL 45th, has since co-sponsored the bill.

The bill would mandate any member of the General Assembly who wants to introduce a bill “pertaining to a firearm" to complete firearm training requirements under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, range safety officer training, and a basic knowledge test of firearms.

Chesney says that their goal with this bill is to have those from a different perspective understand what they are trying to regulate.

"What we've seen when it involves second amendment regulations is that those that are proposing this don't normally have the training to regulate it,” said Chesney. “So you start to see things that in our view are unconstitutional and maybe out of step with perhaps how the majority of people feel on the particular topic."

Anderson said he actually introduced this bill four years ago, but re-submitted it recently as he's seen a lot of gun misinformation.

"My ask with this legislation is that if you're going to introduce a piece of anti-gun legislation, you should at least have the equivalent of a conceal carry permit to show that you have some knowledge of firearms,” explained Anderson.

Although Anderson doesn't suspect this bill will pass, he hopes its introduction will bring "more common sense" to the firearm conversation.

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