New law makes changes to Illinois' MAP grant program

New law makes changes to Illinois' MAP grant program

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a new law Monday making it easier for Illinois students to transfer credits between colleges and universities.

Students who submit 30 or more credit hours will be required to declare their majors so schools can advise them on the best path to completion.

The Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Community College Board also must develop a policy to allow reverse credit transfers, meaning students would be able to transfer credits from four-year colleges and universities to community colleges in order to obtain their associate's degrees.

"I honestly believe that it's a good idea because you've taken the class and you've taken the course work for it," University of Illinois Springfield student Jennifer Queller. "You've already done the work, so why should you have to do it over again?"

Rauner also signed a bill revising Illinois MAP grant procedures.

Now, eligible returning students are given priority access into the program.

MAP grants are awarded to Illinois students who attend approved Illinois colleges.

The students must show a financial need under guidelines set by FAFSA to receive the grants, and the money doesn't need to be repaid.

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