New bridge opens in Meredosia

New bridge opens in Meredosia

Officials in Meredosia celebrated the opening of the new Illinois 104 bridge over the Illinois river.

The bridge cost more than 85 million dollars.

The old bridge that crossed the Illinois river was narrow and was completed more than 70 years ago.

The new bridge opens tonight after the design began more than a decade ago and took more than 3 years for construction.

An official for the department of transportation says it’s going to be good for several communities.

"it’s a great day in Meredosia and in the region.” said Randy Blankenhorn, Secretary for the Illinois Department of Transportation. "We opened a new bridge around IL104. It has been decades in the making and what a great crowd to come out an see what’s going to connect communities on both sides of the river here."

The bridge will accommodate pedestrians and cyclist on the shoulder.

Later on this year, officials will implode the old bridge.

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