Neighbors shocked after an infant was shot in Springfield

    Infant shot in Springfield (WICS)

    Many neighbors are shocked after hearing that a baby was shot in their neighborhood.

    "It's always bad when you hear something like that but worse when you hear it happen to a baby or a toddler,” Springfield resident Travis Kalb said.

    On Sunday morning, just after 8 a.m., Springfield Police responded to a report of shots fired on the 100 block of West Laurel in Springfield.

    "It happens but it usually doesn’t happen over here, so its kind of shocking,” Springfield resident Deon Yates said.

    When the police arrived on scene they found a baby girl under the age of one shot in the lower half of her body.

    The baby was transported to HSHS St. John's Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries but now many neighbors are worried.

    Including a neighbor that has a young grandson living with him.

    "You know we kind of explained to him the bad side and good sides to guns, why they help and you know, the dangers of them,” Kalb said.

    And near where the incident occurred, there is a daycare.

    "My mom has a daycare, so she has to worry about stuff like that,” Yates said.

    "She has to make sure her kids are safe."

    According to neighbors, crime isn’t common on their streets.

    "It’s not a bad area,” Kalb said. “You know this is an isolated incident. It’s an unfortunate incident but it's isolated. Things like this don’t happen commonly around here."

    The Springfield Police Department identified 30-year-old Tarvelle Williams as a person of interest.

    Tarvelle Williams, 30. Person of interest in shooting. (SPD)

    "We've seen the picture and he doesn't look familiar, so it’s a pretty close neighborhood. You may not know them by name, but you know the people and we do not recognize that guy. So I don't think he is from this immediate area,” Kalb said.

    There are still many unanswered questions with this incident but we have reached out to the Springfield Police Department.

    Officials said this is still an active investigation.

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