Naples family seeks shelter from Irma in Springfield

This is the street the Pryor's live on in Naples. (Photo courtesy Kandice Pryor)

A Naples family found shelter, here in Central Illinois.

The Pryor's loaded their kids in the car and headed north after learning Irma was headed straight for their house.

“They might be a little scared of storms after that so we just thought it would be the best choice for our children,” Kandice Pryor said.

At first, the family of five drove to Jacksonville, but after hearing Irma’s path changed, they decided to come to Illinois.

"We have family and friends here,” Pryor said.

Irma is the first hurricane to hit the sunshine state since the Pryor’s moved there two years ago.

Before heading out, the family worked to prepare their home for the powerful storm.

Even their 8-year-old son Will was helping get the house ready ahead of Irma’s landfall.

The Pryor’s are among the lucky ones.

According to neighbors, their home made it through the storm. Neighbors said it appears the only major damage on their property is from a tree falling onto a detached garage.

But the road they live on is completely flooded and there is no power in their neighborhood.

"People are running out of resources,” Pryor said. “They don't know when stores will be open or gas will be refilled for their generators let alone their cars, so it's pretty scary right now."

The Pryor’s plan on heading back to Florida Saturday, but if they still don’t have electricity, they’ll stay in Illinois until they do.

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