Mother of Chicago woman found dead in freezer sues hotel

    Rosemont police calls Jenkins' death "sad," an accident (File Photo)<p>{/p}

    The mother of a woman who was found dead in a suburban Chicago hotel freezer is suing the hotel, its security company and the restaurant that may have been leasing the space where the 19-year-old was found.

    Kenneka Jenkins of Chicago was attending a party at a Rosemont hotel last year. Her body was found about 24 hours after family members contacted police and the hotel to report she was missing.

    Surveillance video showed Jenkins wandering alone through a kitchen area near the freezer.

    Relatives and friends questioned whether she was the victim of foul play, but police said her death from hypothermia was an accident.

    The lawsuit says the defendants were negligent because they didn't secure the walk-in freezer or conduct a proper search when Jenkins went missing.

    A hotel spokesperson wasn't immediately available to comment Friday.

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