More than 1,000 Attend Springfield Call 2 Action

In Springfield, more than 1,000 people gathered at the Old State Capitol Plaza.

People filled the plaza for the Springfield Call 2 Action rally.

They joined the hundreds of Women's Marches that happened around the country.

"This is important for us to do as a nation, for us to stand up and rally together for what is right, good and for the rights and equality of our nation," said rally goer, Judy McEboy.

For a couple hours, speakers came out and voiced their concerns about equality.

Most of the speeches focused on President Donald Trump.

Democratic Senator, Dick Durbin, flew home into Springfield after the inauguration to speak at the rally.

"The first thing he (President Trump) did was to send a notice to every agency to do everything they can do to shut down the Affordable Care Act," said Senator Durbin.

Hundreds of women came out to voice their own fears about losing the ACA.

"It's important for me to stand up for things. I can't take things lightly and keep going on as if this are going to go on and be handed to me when they aren't. We have to stand up for that," said McEboy.

There were plenty of anti-Trump signs in the crowd.

Organizers said that wasn't their message.

"Trump is not the root of the problems just he is highlighting them because he's kind of making people some of these things are ok and we're just standing here saying it's not," said Springfield Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Sunshine Clemons.

There are who agree there's more issues to focus on.

"Rights of women the rights of individuals with disabilities, the rights of individuals who may live in poverty," said rally goer Kathryn Cox.

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