Mommy Matters: The Dangers of Making Homemade 'Slime'


It's a popular activity that's gained popularity thanks to social media.

However, a warning before you try to make that homemade slime.

A girl in Massachusetts is recovering after getting burned while playing with it.

Kathleen Quinn had made the do-it-yourself slime, when she noticed her hands were in pain.

Her parents rushed her to the hospital where doctors determined Kathleen had second and third degree burns.

"It felt like really hot and tingly," said Kathleen Quinn.

"She was like crying in pain....'my hands hurt, my hands hurt.' and we looked at them and they were covered in blisters," said Siobhan Quinn, Kathleen’s mom.

Doctors said the blisters came from extended exposure to borax, which is an ingredient in homemade slime.

Experts warn that borax is not meant for a child's activity, instead it is meant as a household cleaner.

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