Mommy Matters: Destination Dinner Table

Mommy Matters: Destination Dinner Table / WICS

Finding time to eat dinner as a family can hard enough, creating a healthy meal on top of that seems near impossible. But, thanks to the local organization, Generation Healthy Kids, families are learning the importance of cooking together.

"I would say I only cook about once or twice a week. With all the kids sports and my husband is out of town a lot for work," says Kristy Garrison.

That's why she brought her kids to the program, Destination Dinner Table, at Tri-City school in Buffalo. "I want my kids to understand why we need to eat healthy and also to see that you can prepare your own food and not just get it out of a box or something like that," says Garrison.

"It's not hard to prepare a healthy meal and sometimes it doesn't take that long. It's really not as hard as it may seem," says Andy Heck, a garden educator with Generation Healthy Kids.

The families are separated into two groups. The parents head to the kitchen to learn how to create a one pan chicken dish, while the kids are in another room, creating a salad masterpiece.

"We'll have kids tonight who say I don't like spinach, I don't like lettuce and I don't like fennel. If they are the ones cutting it up and are involved in preparing that salad, then it's surprising how much more likely they are to eat it," says Heck.

Destination Dinner Table is put on thanks to donations from the Brandt Corporation and Hy-vee. For more information on bringing the event to your community, visit the Gen H Kids website at

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