Mommy Matters: Fun, Indoor Activities To Keep Kids Active

Weather is often a roller coaster in Illinois and some days it’s too cold to play outside. We turned to The Little Gym in Springfield for ideas to keep our children active inside. The great news -- there is plenty to do!

Owner Patty Naylor says her favorite activity is a dance party; turn on music and let the kids dance and burn energy!

To make it more of a game, simply use pieces of paper and create a “dance walk”.

On each piece of paper, write an activity and scatter it into a circle.

Play music and let the kids run in a circle.

When the music stops, they need to do the activity they are standing in (i.e. jumping jacks, run in place or doing the crab walk.)

Another activity that kids will love is balloon tennis! Blow up a balloon and use either a racquet or a pool noodle. It’s a fun activity that will keep your children busy, without even realizing they are burning calories.

Another simple activity is to create a hopscotch game using tape. It’s inexpensive and allows children to use their creativity as they make their own personal hopscotch game.

There are dozens of fun activities to do inside! To see other ideas, head over to Stacey Skrysak’s Pinterest Board at

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