Michigan woman dies after being crushed at Indiana tollbooth

    Michigan woman dies after being crushed at Indiana tollbooth. (CNN)

    A Michigan woman who was crushed by her own vehicle at a tollbooth along the Indiana Toll Road has died from her injuries.

    State Police say 40-year-old Luciana Ortiz of Otsego, Michigan, died Wednesday, four days after she was injured after dropping her debit card while trying to pay at a tollbooth in Hammond near the Indiana-Illinois state line.

    The Chicago Sun-Times reports that police say that when Ortiz opened her door to pick up the card on Dec. 8, her sport-utility vehicle lurched forward as she stuck a leg outside the SUV. Her vehicle continued moving, slowly wedging Ortiz against a tollgate until she lost consciousness.

    A state trooper eventually rescued Ortiz and she was airlifted to a suburban Chicago hospital.

    An autopsy was scheduled for Saturday on Ortiz.

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