Meijer gives local family a holiday surprise

Meijer gives local family a holiday surprise.

Meijer does what some are calling a holiday miracle.

The store pays for more than 200 customers' totals every year.

For one Illinois family, this simple act of kindness is the light they needed.

"For all these years, for people, and me now knowing how those people feel, just thank you," Chrystal Szabo a Meijer shopper said.

While every year has its hardships, Szabo has seen more this year.

"I lost my job in September, so money's been tight," Szabo said.

However, she still wanted to make the holidays special for her son.

"He is young, but I still want him to have a good Christmas and the memories," Szabo said.

She said the holiday spirit is alive and well even in the hardest of times.

Especially after her entire cart full of items was paid for by the store.

"He walked up and just said, 'from Meijer's family to yours, you know, Merry Christmas and we're going to pay for your whole cart," Szabo said.

After a simple act of kindness, it can lead to joy that will spread like a wildfire.

"Because it's a hard year, so we were very grateful to Meijer," her mom Hope Szabo said.

"Yeah that's always been my question, you know, why us and it was just I just felt so grateful. It's just going to make me cry," Szabo said.

Giving a reminder that even in the most difficult and darkest of times, kindness is never lost.

"And you know that it will get better, yeah," Hope Szabo said.

Meijer also surprises some of its employees with payments as well. The on-duty cashier gets a $100 gift card.

The company has been doing these surprises since 2014.

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