Medical marijuana dispensary uses 4/20 to advocate for bill

Medical marijuana dispensary uses 4/20 to advocate for bill

HCI Alternatives is using 4/20 as a day to advocate for patients that could use cannabis to fight a bigger battle.

Many at HCI believe it could help those struggling with an opioid addiction.

Senate bill 336 is the first kind of legislation that would let cannabis be used as an alternative to traditional medicine like opioids.

A spokesperson from HCI said they have proof that cannabis can help those who are dealing with an opioid addiction.

"90 percent of the patients that were surveyed said they either completely dropped their dependence on opioids or significantly reduced it. And that mirrors a lot of the studies going on throughout the country," Chris McCloud said.

Illinois is one of the most restricted states when it comes to medical marijuana cards.

Right now, to get a card you must have one of the 41 medical conditions that qualify you.

This bill would give some patients, like those struggling with post-operative pain, the rights to receive temporary medical marijuana cards instead of being prescribed opioids.

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