Mayor’s 30 day ultimatum to clean up old marina on Lake Springfield

Mayor’s 30 day ultimatum to clean up old marina on Lake Springfield

Time is ticking for the cleanup of a property on Lake Springfield, known as the old marina.

Springfield’s mayor said he's giving the owner 30 days to fix the area or he's taking away the lease. This would include correcting all the violations with the $50,000 in fines the property has racked up including garbage and open windows.

Several neighbors have said the owner said he hasn't been able to clean it up because of an illness.

Now, the mayor said he's giving the owner one last chance: clean it up, or give up the lease.

"Well the old marina has been what you can call an eyesore for many years,” said Kim Curry of the Springfield Lake Shore Improvement Association.

She lives across the lake from the old marina and said that area on Woodland Trail needs to get cleaned up.

"We're concerned about the lake,” said Curry. “We want to make sure the lake is well cared for."

Alderman Chuck Redpath, who has the lake in his ward, proposed Tuesday to terminate the owner's lease.

He said the property is in disrepair and plagued by frequent vandalism and other problems.

“There's crime,” said Curry. “There are squatters, if you will, people who go and use the property."

The old marina owner Chris Weihmeir’s attorney at Sheehan & Sheehan said they're aware of the issues and their solution is building an office or another structure on the property.

Others nearby said they'd be happy if the area was just cleared and made into a fishing area.

"They used to have parties and weddings and stuff over there,” said Mark Scherer. “And I don't know how many years ago it just quit and now it's nothing but groundhogs and raccoons and boarded up and torn up and it's a pretty sad sight."

The mayor agreed and presented an ultimatum: 30 days to clean up or terminate the lease and hand off the land to CWLP.

"We would like our grandchildren and our grandchildren and you know,” said Curry. “The future and for them to be able to enjoy the lake."

The property has about $50,000 in fines right now, anything from not boarded windows to garbage. Newschannel20 reached out to the owner several times Wednesday and have yet to hear back.

Springfield city council will vote on the old marina lease next Tuesday. It was moved to the consent agenda which means, Council is not planning to discuss the issue.

The mayor said, from there, the owner will have 30 days to clean up.

If he fails, the land will go to CWLP who will take up that responsibility.

Video of Committee of the Whole courtesy of Springfield Audio/video department.

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