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Mayor responds after officer's good deed goes viral

Mayor responds after officer's good deed goes viral (WRSP)
Mayor responds after officer's good deed goes viral (WRSP)
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Police pull hundreds of people over every day, but one traffic stop that led to an unlikely duo is warming the hearts of people around the nation.

But it's how a traffic stop brought two people together that has everyone talking.

When Officer Roger Gemoules pulled over Ka'shawn Baldwin for a traffic stop, neither of them expected what would happen next.

"That kind of brought joy out of me," said Baldwin.

He set out on Wednesday with one goal in mind: to go to his job interview at FedEx and hopefully get the job.

But that was almost derailed after he got pulled over for expired license plates and an expired license.

Baldwin laughs about it now, but while waiting in his car, he expected a ticket.

"It was a normal traffic stop. The plates on the car were expired, so that was the reason he pulled me over," he said.

After pulling him over, Officer Gemoules learned Baldwin was on his way to an interview for his second job. He then did something that surprised Baldwin in the best way.

"He drove me to my interview. I asked him 'Can you take me to my interview' and he drove me there," said Baldwin.

In doing so, it brought together an unlikely duo.

"It meant everything to me. It brought my spirits up; it kind of made me happy," said Baldwin.

He said it made it special to him, considering all the circumstances of his situation and how easy it would have been to just write him a ticket.

"I was shocked that he actually gave me a ride to the interview. Normally, cops are like, where I’m from, they don't really do stuff like that," said Baldwin.

He is also working to make money to buy a new car, get his license, fix his plates and take care of his two-year-old daughter.

"I'm out here by myself and I've got a daughter to take care of. Basically, just alone," said Baldwin.

He did get that second job at Fed-Ex because of Officer Gemoules driving him there for his interview. His orientation will be on Tuesday.

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Mayor of Cahokia, Il. Curtis Mccall Jr. said the following:

"I am very proud of Officer Gemolus and the excellent decision-making and judgment he displayed in helping this young man. 'Community Policing' is something we strive for in Cahokia, because it is not always about writing tickets, or sending someone to jail. It is about helping people when we can and building relationships. Job well done Officer Gemolus and congrats to the young man for getting the job!"
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