Mayor hopes $50K fines will fix safety concern

Mayor hopes $50K fines will fix safety concern

Semi-trucks in the parking lot of the Walmart on 6th Street in Springfield could cost the company about $50,000.

Mayor Jim Langfelder said the city of Springfield has given the store multiple citations over the last year.

The mayor said the Walmart is not following the codes put in place for semi-trucks in the parking lot.

He says the city and Walmart had conversations months ago about how they would fix the problem but the mayor said Walmart is just ignoring the problem and it is a safety concern.

"It creates a dangerous atmosphere, especially when there is numerous semi-trucks,” Langfelder said. “People driving through the semi-trucks can’t see individuals walking in the parking lot or the motorists coming. So really, it’s a safety issue that is a great concern for the city and that’s why we are moving this initiative forward."

Langfelder said he hopes the citations get the attention of Walmart officials, so they can fix the problem.

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