March 4 Trump Held in Springfield

Supporters came together at the Statehouse uniting behind the 45th president.

Around 200 President Donald Trump supporters rallied at the capitol.

“You know he (President Trump) is just a really humble caring guy. He has a beautiful heart and I am glad that I got to have that time with president, who is such a beautiful person,” said Shane Bouvet.

Among the supporters, Bouvet of Stonington.

The central Illinois man received national recognition when President Trump handed over $10,000 to help pay for his dad's chemotherapy treatment.

“I was sitting there and I was talking to him about the campaign and you know what he just wanted to make sure my dad was okay. You know he just has a beautiful heart and loves our country and he didn't have to do this, but he did because he loves America,” said Bouvet.

This rally is one of dozens that took place throughout the country.

“Extend an olive branch so to speak to everybody to you know let’s get together and work together and be peaceful with one another,” said March 4 Trump organizer Melanie Groves.

Bouvet said it's time for the nation to unite and move forward.

“Let's do this for our country, let's do this for our flag, and let's do this for America, it's beautiful. Let’s all hold each other’s hands through this and get through this together,” said Bouvet.

While there was a rally supporting President Trump there were also counter protesters.

We're told, each group remained peaceful.

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