Logan County families facing shortage in child care services

Logan co. families face shortage in child care services

Parents and guardians in Logan County are currently limited to fewer child care services.

Reports from the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services show it's a growing concern in the community.

Families in Logan County are taking a hard hit when it comes to child care services.

"Christian Child Care is out there by the high school and that's the only one we got left," Logan County resident, Angie Bree said.

According to the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services, out of 19 licensed daycare providers in Logan County, nine are home daycares. Four of the facilities are pending for a renewed license, three are head-start programs and one is a church kids club. There's only one childcare center open and that's Christian Child Care. The other on the list is Little Lambs Learning Center and they announced its closure last month.

"40 plus phone calls - we're still consistently getting phone calls about if we have an opening for their family and unfortunately, we are at capacity," Director of Christian Child Care, Liberty Canady said.

Child care officials said Logan County is experiencing a major shortage of daycare services.

"When you get into that educational side consistent care, guaranteed care you're looking at center level and that is very hard to sustain in communities," Canady said.

Little Lambs was licensed to house 91 kids. Now, those families are looking for other options.

"If I had to guess, probably looking in between 60 and 70 children looking for care," Canady said.

"A lot of people out here that don't have any support for their kid," Logan County resident, Brittney Shook said.

Christian Child Care revamped some of its classrooms, making room for more children, now licensed to house 107 kids, but that's still not enough.

"We have children coming in and we have couples that are able to make more children, so it is going to be a consistent concern for our community," Canady said.

Officials with Christian Child Care have presented a proposal to a private board of funders, working to find other solutions to support families in need.

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