Locals react to migrants, children being tear-gassed at US, Mexico border

    Locals react to migrants, children being tear-gassed at US, Mexico border. (CNN Newssource photo)

    The Justice Department plans to appeal the restraining order that blocks the U.S. Government from denying asylum to those entering from official ports of entry.

    CNN Newssource reports the DOJ also asked the judge to put the restraining order on hold while the appeal is filed.

    The judge said he will rule on that request by Friday.

    This comes just days after migrants and children were tear-gassed at the border.

    We've reached out to several local groups in Springfield to get their reaction to incidents like this at the U.S. Mexico border.

    Although some said keeping immigrants out of the U.S. isn't right, others said it is necessary.

    Those with the Minuteman Project said this is a national security issue.

    "Now listen to this. I was there in 2005. Here we are in 2018, talking about the same thing in a world that's very scary and filled with terrorists. People want to hurt the United States," Director of Illinois Minutemen Rosanna Pulido said. "I expect our government to be on the border with the military because there is a national security issue at the border."

    While the minutemen organization wants the government to be involved with border security, the Immigrant Advocacy Network said the Trump administration needs to take a step back.

    The group said this could all be avoided with policies that were already in place.

    "The administration has changed through executive order. Some of these policies, they've shut down borders, they've made people want wait weeks at the border before being allowed in. So, how can this be avoided? Using the processes that are already in place," Member of the SIAN Valeria Cuteo said.

    CNN Newssource reports sources at the border said migrants could spend up to six weeks at the border before seeing any movement.

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