Local food pantries will get donations from bikers

    Local food pantries will get donations from bikers.

    The national biker’s roundup is now in its third day but Springfield's food bank will be benefitting from their presence as well.

    The 30,000 bikers will be donating food to the pantry, who are expecting to get it as early as next week.

    They said the donations will be a great boost to their available supplies.

    “The amount is great but also what they're bringing in. It's the end of summer, so we're really gearing up for our kids going back to school. Parents being at home with them at night, that kind of thing. So, we're always looking for different avenues to get that." Community Resources Coordinator for the Food Bank Elaina Albrecht said.

    Those bikers in attendance said the donations are a way for them to said thank you to the city that is hosting them.

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