Local boy meets Nascar driver following bullying incident

    Local boy meets Nascar driver following bullying incident. (WICS)

    One Springfield boy got the chance of a lifetime to go watch one of his favorite Nascar drivers over the weekend.

    It's an invite he got nearly six months ago after ending up in the ICU due to a bullying incident that happened at school.

    George Ray and his family got to see Justin Allgaier race in Chicago and meet him the day of the race, an experience his mother said none of them will soon forget.

    Ray has been recovering from injuries he got at school back in January and said the race was an exciting event that helped to take his mind off of his lingering injuries.

    "I'm doing pretty good, I still have headaches but I'm kind of used to it now. Some days it's bad and some days it's good. It's pretty good,” Ray said.

    Ray’s injuries included two skull fractures, a ruptured eardrum and multiple bruises.

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