Latest fad includes teens eating laundry detergent pods

Latest fad includes teens eating laundry detergent pods

Teens eating laundry detergent pods, the latest fad.

“It is kind of peer pressure and during that adolescent time people really like to take risks," Seleena Shrestha MD, SIU School of Medicine said.

It's a new dangerous online challenge, that not everyone has heard about just yet.

"I haven't heard of older kids doing that," Springfield resident Geanie Scroggin said.

The challenge involves teens popping the small laundry detergent pods, chewing on them, and gagging on the product all while recording it.

Dr. Shrestha said it has a lot to do with peer pressure and social media.

"Getting a position in the social media, how many likes you get is also part of the peer pressure they get," Dr. Shrestha said.

"I think kids our age do stuff for attention a lot of the times, and just to be cool at school," Hannah Wright, said.

"It's peer pressure and they give into it because they want to be accepted," Scroggin, said.

Dr. Shrestha said these teen fads are becoming a pattern and brain development during teen years plays a major role.

"There are a lot of changes in the dopaminergic system that leads them to do a lot of risk-taking behaviors like the Tide challenge," she said.

"There's no common sense with kids anymore they are not taught respect for anything, respect for themselves and if they are being bullied or depressed then they are going to do whatever they can to get into the group where they are accepted," Scroggin said.

Dr. Shrestha believes that education on the health hazards on some of those risk-taking behaviors would help for both teens and parents.

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