Latest Decatur shooting leaves neighbors with questions

Latest Decatur shooting leaves neighbors with questions.

On Monday night Decatur saw its 10th fatal shooting of the year, but the neighborhood and its residents are now left with questions as to why it happened.

Christmas Day is supposed to be a day of holiday cheer, not mourning.

"It breaks my heart for something like that to happen on Christmas Day," Dejuana Frost a Decatur resident said.

It is an act of violence that has become all too familiar for the City of Decatur.

"We went at approximately 9:25 last night, on Christmas evening, 1600 block north 32nd Street in reference to a subject that had been shot," Sergeant Steven Carroll with the Decatur Police said.

The homicide is Decatur’s 10th of the year, which is close to the city's record of 13 homicides in one year.

"It's a little higher this year than it normally is, for Decatur, we've had a low of four and a high of 13 over the course of the last 15 to 20 years," Sergeant Carroll said.

The latest victim is 39-year-old Marvin Murphy.

He was found after the Decatur Police Department was called to an address in the 1600 block of North 32nd in regards to a gunshot victim. Murphy was taken to Decatur Memorial Hospital where he died shortly after being admitted.

Murphy's death led leading to the question of why this is happening in a neighborhood that does not normally see this kind of activity.

"We watch out for each other, we have got a safe neighborhood and we watch out for each other. So that's why I can't understand how something like that would happen in this neighborhood. Just be safe out there, you know, pray before you leave your house because every time I leave my house, I pray for my home, my neighbor's homes and everything," Frost said.

Now, the question of why is what Decatur police are hoping to get an answer to as they begin to look for suspects?

They are currently interviewing witnesses and at this time are not releasing a motive to the public.

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