Jacksonville HS on dealing with athletic event safety concerns

Jacksonville HS on dealing with athletic event safety concerns

Exactly one week ago, three teens were injured in a shooting after a high school basketball game in Champaign. As crowds fill gymnasiums across Central Illinois tonight, local police are making sure everyone is safe.

Last week’s shooting hit home for many students, parents and schools.

We wanted to see how area schools are dealing with safety concerns, Jacksonville High School ..tells me the best they can do is be prepared.

The Athletic Director of Jacksonville High School Joe Dion says the Jacksonville Police Department has been actively helping them by doing extra rounds and increasing their presence at school games. They want the community to know police is there working both inside the venues and outside so those who attend the events feel safe at all times.

"Based on some happening in neighboring communities we are aware of what to place but i don't know that we are looking to amp up what we're already doing, we are just going to continue with the practices we already have," Dion said.

"The most important thing we want is the safety of not only the players and the safety of these players but we want people to come out and have a good time at these games," Lt. Chris Johnson, Jacksonville Police Dept. said.

Bottom line is they want those who attend school events to feel comfortable and safe with police being there. The Jacksonville Police Department does encourage that if you see something you say something.

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