ISP issue Amber Alert for two missing Cook County children

Lynn Roby (Photo Courtesy of

Chicago-area police are urging a man who disappeared with his two small children after their mother was shot to death to come forward.

Markham Police describe Lynn Washington as a person of interest in Wednesday's killing of 27-year-old Lakisha Roby. WLS-TV reports that police believe he's armed and dangerous, and that 2-year-old Jordyn and 3-year-old Lynn are in danger.

Markham Police Chief Mack Sanders says Roby was seen arguing with Washington after leaving a club with another man. Sanders stressed that police in the Chicago suburb aren't calling Washington a suspect. He says Washington -- who picked the children up from a friend -- is barred from contacting them by a court order.

Illinois State Police issued an Amber Alert on Wednesday night.

The following message is transmitted at the request of the Illinois State Police.
At the request of the Markham Police Department, the Illinois State Police is activating the Amber Alert system. At 2 p.m. today (Wednesday), Lynn Roby and Jordan Washington were taken by their father Lynn Washington. The children are believed to be in danger. They were last seen in a silver 2004 or 2005 Chevrolet Malibu or Impala.
Anyone with information about their whereabouts should contact 911.

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