Increase of clients at Helping Hands and warming centers

Increase of clients at Helping Hands and warming centers.JPG

Organizers at Helping Hands are seeing a major increase in clients during this holiday season.

There’s no exact reason why but the increase has been going on since before the holiday season rolled around.

Organizers said if it weren't for places like Helping Hands and the city's warming centers many residents would be helpless, possibly even facing death, on the streets.

“I think it's also important because,” Helping Hands Executive Director Erica Smith said, “everyone in our community matters and everyone in our community has worth.

“It's important, not just at the holidays but 365 days a year, that we show people that we care about them and we're trying to help them get a better life."

Helping Hands serves adult men and the warming center is for any adult in need.

For more information about shelters in Springfield just dial 211.

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